The North Fork is currently home to over 40 vineyards.

The first of the area’s vineyards, Hargrave, was founded in 1974, and today continues as Castello De Borghese. The vineyards and wineries are an important part of the area’s economy. Many multi-generational family farms are still in operation throughout the region as well, and their farmstands are a popular attraction. During the Fall Harvest Season many of the farms host pumpkin picking and other attractions revolving around the harvest theme.

Did you know Albert Einstein was an avid sailor and spent summers on the North Fork? He also posted a letter to FDR which many say kicked off the Manhattan Project!

A visit to the picturesque North Fork provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy natural beauty and tranquility. Enjoy serene bike rides and hiking on country roads and through lush parks. Visit miles of beaches. The North Fork is completely surrounded by water – The Sound and the Bay, so there are endless beaches to visit, and historic lighthouses to marvel.



Winery and restaurant recommendations with links

Guide to the towns

History, shopping, accommodations and special events

Best beaches and hiking

FALL: apple picking, pumpkin picking, harvest activities and more!

WINTER: oysters! (and wineries!)

Cost & What's Included

Tour Cost: $5

Tour Length: visit as many spots as you have time for!

Please note that we recommend this for people who have a car or who will be renting one for the day or weekend.

Includes a printable PDF with recommendations on wineries, restaurants, farms, sights and more! Helps you organize your tour by town so you can plan a route that works for you based on time and transportation.

What people are saying about the North Fork of Long Island

People who travel to the North Fork of Long Island have either made a wrong turn—or a very right turn—after heading east from New York City.

"The northern side of the eastern end of Long Island is distinctly quieter, and quirkier than its more famous counterpart on the toney South Fork, which is home to the mansions and flash of the Hamptons. But people who visit the North Fork—with its undeveloped farmland, vineyards, and charming villages—find a wonderful area for romantic getaways or family vacations. Use this North Fork travel guide to uncover the charms that this best-kept-secret region has to offer."

— Travel+Leisure

Avoid the Hamptons crowd and enjoy the seaside charm of Long Island's North Fork, which proves you don't need to trek out to Napa Valley to visit wine country.

"Eastern Long Island’s North Fork at once recalls a young Napa Valley and the seaside charm of small town New England. But the hubbub of the Hamptons (the South Fork), the suburban doldrums of the North Shore (due west), or the pulse of Manhattan (75ish miles east)? Not so much. Emerging wineries, rolling farmland, quiet beaches, and old Victorian estates set the scene for an ultra laid-back affair."

— Conde Nast Traveler

Breathe in the irresistibly salty sea air, linger over innovative menus designed by rising star chefs, and—of course—sip the increasingly impressive wines. 

“The North Fork is making headlines not only for its Chardonnays and Merlots, but also for its innovative farm-to-table cuisine and inviting inns. By turning north rather than south at the end of the Long Island Expressway, you'll be forced to mentally and physically slow down as you stop at roadside farm stands selling just-picked fruits and vegetables.”

— Fodor's Travel


If you've never been to the North Fork, you're missing out!

Experience true farm to table, incredible wine, craft beer and historical towns. You won't believe you're just 2 hours from New York City.